Insurance Platform

Underwriting, Claim & Compliance Online

Described by clients as one of the most advanced claims, underwriting and compliance software solutions available, we take pride in the fact that our cloud-based product Console was developed from the ground up in conjunction with London market professionals. Intuitive and fully interactive MI, KPI and compliance reporting allows users to effortlessly monitor performance of the business, staff, insurer, TPA, broker and coverholder networks. Console intergrates with existing back-office legacy systems and the usage based pricing plan also allows start-up MGAs and TPAs to economically leverage with minimal investment.

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Digital Asset Escrow

Our Online Solution Changes Everything!

Conventionally, a Software Escrow arrangement is where the source code of a software system is held by a third party Escrow Agent for the benefit of both the Licensor/s (software vendors) of the software and the Licensee/s (consumers). In the context of a contractual framework agreed between the Licensor and Licensee parties, the Escrow Agent would hold a copy of the source code, the documentation and possibly the data required to reconstruct the computer system elsewhere when a trigger event occurs. These trigger events are clearly defined within the terms of the Software Escrow Agreement and could include an insolvency event, failure to maintain the system according...

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Cyber Expertise

Breach Response, Post-Breach Forensics

Our staff have decades of experience in a range of multi-industry cyber disciplines. Our clients trust us to give balanced and technically informed advice on a host of issues that face Insureds and indeed, their own cyber challenges including:

Cyber Breach Response
Post-Breach Forensics
Cyber Extortion Events
IT Supplier Audit
Software Integrity Audit
Cyber Claim Scenarios
Cyber Insurance Product Advice

We should be delighted to support you in your branded Cyber initiatives.

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