Our History

Within Caytons Cyber we have decades of IT experience and alongside legal and insurance experience.

We had all realised some time ago that there was a gap in the market for certain IT solutions in the insurance industry. Amongst these were the fact that no one had developed a single IT platform that supported the two main insurance functions, so we decided to develop a sophisticated platform which could be used by Insurers, MGAs and other underwriting and claims organisations to provide a single solution to their underwriting, claims and compliance needs.

As our parent organisation specialises in providing legal advice and claims management, they were in search of a sophisticated claims management system which was truly intuitive, had a powerful document management system, email gateway and was workflow enabled.

We found the market to be lacking a supplier that offered a compelling software and IT solution that also understands the insurance market. Therefore, it was decided the take the IT function and software development in-house, which has manifested to become Caytons Cyber.

We didn’t stop there, as being borne from a law firm, the legal expertise and cohesion with software development gave rise to the creation of our software escrow product. Through our own contractual relationships we have had to utilise software escrow and saw that there were flaws in the traditional model, so we have developed a solution which streamlines the whole process from contract creation to e-signing online with unlimited escrow package updates and physical space.