Where We Are Now

The benefit of keeping our software development in-house is that we have not had to rely on external providers and have had the flexibility to add new features to our products as we go, which is what we enjoy.

We are now in an environment where regulation has an impact on all of our business activities and compliance has become a primary focuses for any business. We recognise the significant cost and administrative burden that this can impose on businesses keen to grow while containing and managing risk. With this in mind, we are always keeping abreast of the regulatory framework and its directives so that we can develop products which can automate compliance reporting requirements as much as is possible to alleviate the burden while providing meaningful analysis around what the data means in practical terms.

With this changing environment, we are often approached to think of alternative approaches to longstanding processes that businesses find may no longer be serving the best, such as cutting distribution and administration costs by building extranet portals for customers to access clients’ services. Therefore, we are always pioneering new methods and refining our products to adapt to changing needs.

We strive to support the insurance market and those that require a software escrow solution without the restrictions of the existing model and, to that end, are looking forward to the future and the opportunities that will bring.